About Me

Although I have been on the Ultra "scene" for quite some time, most of that time has been spent lurking in the background eating cakes and drinking coffee, also known as "supporting".  It was only a matter of time before the Dark Side started to look shiny and appealing and I yearned to be one of those people, buckled over, crying in a puddle of mud whilst sucking an energy gel...

...leading me to the starting line of my first ultra in 2011 -  The Highland Fling - where I debuted as 3rd Lady in the Scottish National Trail Championships and UK Ultra Trail Championships! There was no mud but I got a trophy and a bottle of wine...what more could you want?!?! 

A bout of injury plagued me for a few years along with some lazyitis resulting in me starting this blog as some form of motivation to get me back into the Ultra way of things!

If you are loving/hating what you see...get in touch!  I love to talk and love an argument, so either way it can only be good to hear from you :-) 

Twitter: @HezzyOrr

Instagram: @Orr_Avenue