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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Champagne Coma

The Marcothon - I'm out. 

Running in general - I'm out. 

Injured? No. Depressed? No. Some other reason to make me sound less pathetic, or weak, or a failure? No.

It would appear I am a drunk. Not without cause, though.

It all started on Day 15 - with me bailing out of the Marcothon, the result of one of the worst red wine induced hangovers I've ever had. The after effect of my work Christmas night out...well I had to do something to make a bunch of accountants' company enjoyable.

And basically my demise started there... I decided not to run the following day, or the day after that, then, when my laziness was no longer justifiable, I decided I would "take a break".  A break from what? I wasn't doing who knows...

Then, on Christmas morning, my stupid boyfriend proposed to me with a bobby dazzler... once my trachea reopened after a brief emotionally-triggered asthmatic anxiety attack I, of course, said yes :-).

I have been in a Champagne Coma ever since.  People have asked if I have started planning the wedding and the answer is I feel I would need to sober up before I could make any reliable decisions.

A Glee Club run on the 29th was also ditched for panto and champers on the 28th with friends. I took advantage of the impact the bubbles were having on my friends and recruited Kevin as a support runner for the WHW race.

So, to summarise my WHW training, we are now at the 30th of December and the only substantial run of the month was the WHW gangs run on 9th December.

My new years resolutions? To start running again, and plan a wedding. Simples.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Guilty, Feeble, Organisational and Motivational

Since starting my blog about running... I have spent the last 2 weeks feeling guilty about my lack of running. A key component in a running blog, I feel.

Therefore it was back to my training group on Wednesday.  After a few near vomit experiences (and that wasn't even completing the full session) I have established I'm not quite back to full fitness, or even a reasonable level of fitness. I am a pathetic attempt at an Ultra Runner.

As if my feeble attempts at training sessions were not bad enough my organisational and motivational skills have been equally rubbish.  Consequently due to said organisation skills, we never ran any of the RAW route as intended. We ran part of the WHW route instead - Milngavie to Drymen.

Quite a change of route you could say. But with lack of organisation, car issues, no prior experience of the route, a wedding the day before and bad weather forecast, the thought of trying to read maps AND run with a hangover seemed too much to face on Saturday morning.

Further to the above I also decided to have ONE drink too many (curse you delicious Babycham) at the wedding and a last minute change of plan (a drunken phone call) meant Craig and David had to come pick me up in the morning. I could have driven if I needed to. I could have. Honestly. But I enjoy being chauffeured.

ANYWAY obligatory starting picture:

2 miles in and I was ready for jacking it in.  Ever thought that once you get up and get started running you will feel better? Yes? Ever then realised that once you're actually out running that YOU DO NOT in fact feel better and spend the entire run imagining how good it would be if you had stayed tucked up in bed with a coffee and a croissant? Yes? I had 12 miles of that...

What I SHOULD have been doing:

What we were ACTUALLY doing:

Picture doesn't quite capture it, but that's them running head first into wind and rain.

I don't actually know what they were doing in this picture...I told them to pose?!

But I did it. And I'm glad I did it. I felt better once it was over. That's what you're supposed to say right?

I was swiftly back to bed to pretend Saturday morning never happened. Waking 3 hours later and feeling gre... no I can't lie when I type... I still felt miserable.

Moral of the story? Sometimes it's best not to go that early run. Stay in bed. Run later. Just do it.

At least I'm an honest runner, if not the most motivational one.

Saturday Run: 12.03 miles - 1hr 53min (Dani's Garmin link)

Lastly, nothing to do with running but I have a forum and I am going to use it.  I "acquired" the gorgeous Kelly's (bride's) bouquet at the wedding. I'm no bouquet expert but this is definitely one of the best I've seen.  It's so bright and colourful it makes me happy. So does Tequila mind you...

Bouquet makes me happy:                                            

Tequila makes me happy: